project: How to apply blush? 2007

How to apply blush?

Participants: Ola Misztur and Anna Czarnota

(All works are the result of collaboration between the artists)

In the creative process two strong personalities were struggling.

A question arose how far one can get in discarding one’s individuality .

A question where this leads.

As a result of this jostle all that is weak in them remained on the canvas.

Gradually, the good and acknowledged elements of the pictures disappeared.

One’s personality and previous features got lost .

Only what is left in between the stages remained.

Things that are usually not exposed, turned back against the wall.

Things that we usually refuse to discuss.

To expose to the public view one’s weaker sides and one’s doubts is not a common thing to do.

The stronger is the challenge.

See what we look like in between, caught questioning ourselves how to apply blush?